A day at Ralegan Sidhi with Anna Hazare

It was chilly cold morning, 6am in Pune. As decided yesterday night by me and my roommate Kamal, made a plan to visit Ralegan Siddhi. As Arvind Kejriwal announced on 11th Dec from Jantar Mantar. He and Kumar Vishwas will visit Ralegan on 12th Dec. Kamal, was excited about it and when he shared the thought of going, I too couldn’t stop myself. So, when Pune was chilling with cold, we woke up and got set to support Anna Hazare and to see the AAP leaders.

From, Pune Shivajinagar Bus depot, we took a bus which will be going to Aurangabad. On its way, there comes Shurur and from there by Auto or Bus, we can reach Ralegan.
Prashant Chowdhury, a supporter of Anna and a member from India Against Corruption (IAC) joined us on our bus. He came from Delhi and as told by him he was during the movement of Anna in Ramleela Maidan & Jantar Mantar. He asked us, whether we are from IAC or AAP. We said, we support AAP, but we also like Anna’s Ideology.  During our conversation on bus, he was telling us his experiences and stories of those andolan’s. The feeling and exciting was becoming double.  After 1.5 hrs., we reached Shurur. We had vada pao and Tea from the bus stand. Then reserved an auto to reach Ralegan.
Ralegan as I read from Wikipedia is a model village of Environmental Conservation. So, clean, so greenery, serene as if you can drink the drops of peace. With the weather in December, the clear sky, the sunshine and we three, was reaching the place of an international figure. The whole nation talks about him, calls him the second Gandhi. I heard and read a lot about his personality, now was the time to see. Everyone was talking about him, in bus, the autowala, the newspapers.
Anna Hazare fasting for Janlokpal
Anna Hazare fasting for Janlokpal


We reached Ralegan, which was nearly 15kms from Shurur. Anna’s fast was going on, and this was the 3rd day. The stage was beautifully set up. It was in the outsidepremises of the Yadav Temple. The school kids from the near school started building the ground in huge numbers. The tri-colour flag was flying all around. There was a specific built up stage for the media people. As, I got to know, Anna live in this Yadav temple, he meditates in the morning and then gives his teachings and blessings to children and people coming all around from different parts of country. He was now, sitting inside a small room inside the temple. Doctors were rushing to that room; they were conducting health check-up and various tests and analysis. After sometime, the team of doctors came out and announced on the stage about Anna’s health condition. They said, Anna is doing well, the water regulation in his body is normal, blood pressure is normal and urine flow is good. The doctor said, in this last 2 days he lost 900gms after 1st day and 700 grams after 2nd day. After announcing in public, the media covered him for the press conference.


Doc at Press Conference
Doc at Press Conference

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Thank You Sachin

Thank You Sachin

As the whole world for the moment singing to the Tune Sachin Sachin. I last met with God one year back, during the Ind vs Eng Test Match Series. This Click taken by me, is one of my favorite at this moment. It was taken at VCA Stadium Jamtha, Nagpur. Sachin, you are a true inspiration to millions of cricket fans around the globe. Sachin, for you, this heart beats more faster and makes us feel, Yes, we are Indian. Before the final moment, this is tribute to the God of Cricket from my side. Love You Sachin. For the last time, with moist eyes, this heart will again sing.. ” Ala re Sachin”..

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